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Hello World

So here I am at Logan Airport anxiously awaiting my flight that boards in four hours and I feel tired. I was the last one in my suite to leave to go home for Thanksgiving. It felt really weird, it was just more quiet than usual. It was really weird. And I fell asleep on the couch in our common room and it felt weird. I wanna sleep right now in the seat of the waiting room I'm in but I'm afraid I won't wake up but I think I will go to sleep as soon as I'm done with this journal entry.

My life has just been consumed by college life. Other than that, I love college, it's awesome despite all the homework I get and the homework I got for Thanksgiving break >_< but oh well when I get back I only have three weeks left and then I go back home for a whole month. It's freakingly insane. Oh god, it's so foggy outside. I feel tired. I think I'm taking a quick nap right now. Until then, I'll post another entry about my journey home.
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