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Well, My Week Has Been Eventful

So...this past week has been so eventful. A lot happened.

For starters, I finally got the router from my ISP so now my home has a wi-fi network (locked of course). I was really excited to finally get legit internet back in my life. But once I said that I spoke too soon, turns out...the guy I liked (and went out with one time) now has a girlfriend. Second time it happens to me, I like a guy and just when I think I have him...BAM! But here's the catch (if that's what you would call it) I wasn't that upset. Sure, I was bummed at first but then I realized something...

I should take a break from men this summer. I don't need to date. I've gone through enough heartbreak the past months. I need it. I need to focus on planning the semester ahead. So...screw men for the time being, I have other things to do.

Other than that, I've been pretty busy with my summer classes at community college. I am taking two gen eds so I don't have to take it at my college. Yesterday, I went to go see Toy Story 3 and didn't...why? All evening tickets were sold out. So I went this morning and the theater got filled with people. I have not seen that many people in a movie theater since The Dark Knight (as far as I can recall, man I'm getting old). I saw the movie...and cried like a baby. I felt like I officially lost my childhood. I had already seen the first 60 or so minutes of the movie at my college and I cried around the five minute mark the first time. This time to see the completed project...around the two minute mark. And I cried again during the last ten minutes of the film. As of now, I'm listening to the songs from almost all the films and being nostalgic.

That's it for updates right now kiddies. I'll chat with all of you later :)
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