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The Coming of...the end of my life?

Yesterday, the teaser trailer for Deathly Hallows was released and something hit me...really hard. As soon as the teaser trailer was over, I realized something. As soon as I finish watching the final movie it's done for sure. It was bad enough when I finished the book and then realizing that the clock was ticking. As soon as this is over, there really is not much left. Sure there's the theme park and I'll still play Quidditch the next three years or so but's over.

My adolescence will officially end when I finish watching part two of Deathly Hallows. There's not much to look forward to. The Harry Potter series basically grew up with me and the rest of the people from my generation. Once that's over, we're done with being teenagers by then. Everything is just ending, Toy Story 3 was the official closing to my childhood (Although a friend of mine insists that it's not, pssh little does she understand). And now Harry Potter is ending, what do I do now?

I'll tell you.

My life won't just stop and stay that way. What will happen is that I will continue the awesomeness that was childhood through my career and it will go on until I die. Yes, intense but it is true. My life won't be completely over. Because I realized that I will always go back to the books, the movies and now the theme park is here to stay.

Life has a funny way of things working out and putting themselves into place. I've learned that a lot these past six months especially.

Life is just funny that way.
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