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anti twilight movement, 99balloons

July 2010

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anti twilight movement, 99balloons


God, I've never had great experiences with doctors. Especially when it comes to my crooked spine.

I went today to get checked up because my mother insists that it's only gotten worse. I went to the doctor (and for the first time, without either parent near me) and the friggin' nurse and doctor's aide kept on asking me if I have pain. I tell them that I don't...about ten times I tell them. I don't get why my mom wants me to go, I don't get why people keep on asking me if I'm dying of pain because my back is crooked. I'm fine. There's the occasional tenderness but nothing so painful that I feel like I'm about to snap in two or die. Why must people insist I'm in pain? I'm not. I don't get why my mom is so worried. My doctor told things would be fine. I may get arthritis later in life and my offspring should probably get tested (and my list on why I don't want kids just keeps on growing). Other than that, he said there's not much I can do. God. I could call again and think about getting an upgrade on my home exercises but at the moment...I am just not too sure. I probably should. I should have done that...but I'm just going to sit and think for a bit before I make a decision. I'll call the office on Tuesday probably...I don't know.

I just hate doctors.