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 And I have survived three weeks of college. I haven't been updating much because this week was freaking busy. I still have to write up my possible screenplay idea for this cool club I joined on Monday. I'm really looking forward to this upcoming Monday because the lady who wrote the screenplay for the new movie Amelia is coming and giving a workshop and I am really looking forward to that. I honestly feel like I could fly.

Wednesday night was interesting because I had a lot of caffeine in my system so I stayed up to do homework which I did. I was expecting to go to sleep after I was done. But instead I was just to hyper and jumped up and down. I also sent messages to my roommate on facebook chat, I think i scared her. More than I did to myself. I scare people when I'm on caffeine but whatever caffeine is freaking awesome I don't know what I would do without it. 

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First Week of College

 I survived my first week of college...

Amazing ain't it? I never thought this week would come...EVER! My classes are awesome and I like the fact that I only have one class on Fridays. I love my professors, one of them reminds me of Steven Speilburg  and I am so tempted to ask him if he has an alien fetish. But I think he'll just stare at me and send me to the guidance department and have me checked out.  One of my other professors has an Irish accent and I think he's easily my favorite professor so far. He had an awesome first speech at my first class with him. Saying how it was okay to make mistakes so that we can learn from our mistakes. 

My other two professors are women. I think they're pretty awesome. I look forward to this semester and I also found a way to view next semester's classes and it looks like I'll have good classes too. The only problem is that I have no idea when I have those classes and I probably won't find out until later. I'm a bit nervous about the big website and video project for one of my classes but if I plan accordingly I should be fine.  

I'm very much looking forward to the upcoming weeks of college. Damn do I feel like an Inglorious Basterd....minus the Nazi killing.  
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First Day of College

 Today was my official first day of college. 

It was pretty awesome. I had an 8:30 AM class which was Intro to College Writing and I like the prof, she's a recent grad student and she seems cool. I like how she's strict but at the same time fun. The next class I had was at noon and it was my Foundations in VMA Production and I have an Irish Prof. He is so freaking awesome. I think he will be my favorite. I like that he told us that it was okay to make mistakes because we're all just starting out. Just so freaking awesome. 

Tomorrow I have afternoon classes at 2 PM and then at 4 PM. I'm really looking forward to them. Oh and there's a good chance I'm getting on on campus job as a front desk person. It would really help out a lot with school and stuff and also for extra random expenses.  Well that was my first day of college. 
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 What do you do when you're not comfortable with something? 

I really don't know what to do right now but I will think of something. 

I like staying up late but right now I'm really tired and I think I'll sleep early.  It's mainly because I made a bet with a new friend to stay away from caffeine for today and tomorrow. Thus making me extremely tired. 

I cannot wait to officially start my classes because I need to get distracted. 

That is all.....
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Monday I moved into my dorm room and I officially start college this upcoming Monday. 

Most of my homesickness happened before moving in but right now I am fine. Although I have this weird feeling that I will have bouts of it and I felt a bit crummy today but I'm okay right now. 
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Only A Couple More Days

The reason I haven't been updating much for the past week is because I'm busy packing away for college. I'm really excited and really nervous on starting college. I feel like I eitehr underpacked or overpacked. My mom says it would sorta be better if I overpack a bit. The good thing is that my mom is coming again next month for Family Weekend. I'm also looking forward to meeting my suitemates and hope none of them are the suitemates from hell.

So yesterday I went to a GAP outlet and bought two new pants since my mom said I need at least two new pairs of pants. Not to mention I bought my first pair of jeans since forever! They're a little tight but I will lose weight to make them really comfy and not tight. Well that's all I have for now, I may not update tomorrow but don't expect me to update a lot.

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 I only have a week left home and now I'm freaking out. I'm nervous...

I'm excited to start college but I'm really nervous. I'm afraid I'll cry a lot when my parents drop me off. I know it will be all right because I'll call my parents daily. I need to occupy myself. I know I want to go there but I'm so nervous. I don't know anyone. I'll miss my friends and my best guy friend. The only people I won't miss is my asshole cousins. That's it. I'll miss my uncle, my brother, sister in law, niece and nephew. I'll especially miss my parents. I know I want to move on and complete my education once and for all. 

Everything will be all right....I just know it. It has to.  
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 Not really in a good mood right now...most likely because I'm PMSing. 

Screw womanly problems. I'm craving a crapload of things right now. The only problem is that I'm dieting. I need to lose weight for the sake of my health but damn is it hard. 

As I've said earlier, I've have always had some sort of trust issues with people. My parents mostly, specifically my mother. I think I'll talk to her in the morning about what really went on when I talked with the doctor. I really don't trust her that much. I fell that everything that I tell her, she'll gossip about it with other people. Which I really don't like. I feel like telling her straight up about this. I wonder what she has to say about this, I really do. 
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50th Journal Entry!!!

 This is my 50th journal entry on livejournal. Pretty exciting. I just came back from seeing Inglorious Basterds but I won't spoil anything but I will say that it is pretty awesome! I also went userpic searching because I wanted a new one. And here it is in all it's glory! I found it on and I thought it was pretty cool looking and truthful. I am an anti Twilight person. I never really was interested in the books in the first place but about last year I decided to take a peak. I've only made it to the end of New Moon and I really didn't enjoy it. 

It took me one month to finish up Twilight. Why do you ask? I felt like it was too slow. It didn't pick up speed until near the end. And even that didn't save it. So I thought "Maybe New Moon is better." I read it and that also took me one month to read. I also felt that it was slow. I tried reading the first chapter of Eclipse and I just gave up. There was zero hope left in that series. I keep asking myself "How the hell did this Mary Sue fanfiction get published? How?" Stephenie Meyer based Twilight off of a dream she had...a wet dream. Bella is too perfect, Edward is an asshole and Jacob is a weirdo. 

The movie wasn't even any better, it was stupid. It had cheesy 'I'm going to high school' music as a score. The actors look bored, especially Rob Pattinson. Kirsten Stewart could try to do better but I think her career is heading down the toilet (she should abandon Twilight for good). And I also felt the movie was too rushed. Overall it was just stupid...thank god I watched this movie on youtube. I didn't even make it to the end of the movie but who the hell cares. I just hope New Moon doesn't make a lot of money. My friend and I hope that Twilight will just be a one hit wonder in literature...for Stephenie Meyer. 

Stephenie Meyer needs to get bitch slapped by more authors. So thank you Stephen King for telling it like it is. You deserve a fucking medal for telling the truth about this crazy bitch who should have never gotten published. Who should have posted this "work" on deviantART or some other fanfiction like website, it should have stayed there. Not in the print world. I seriously hope more authors jump on the wagon and say that Stephenie Meyer can't write to save her life. 

Enough ranting. 

Now I shall unveil my idea....I will post here by the next entry my own version of Twilight. The cool version, the more interesting, more developed version.  I highly doubt it will get published, but who cares. Hopefully by the next entry I'll have the story posted up. 

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Weekend. :D

 The weekend is upon us and I think it will be a fun one. 

Tomorrow I'm hopefully going to go see 'Inglorious Basterds' with the 'rents and then go to dinner with them somewhere or at home. Sunday afternoon I will be bike riding to Panera Bread with two friends and then we bike ride away. :D So far this weekend will look like a good one. I still can't believe that I'm leaving soon in two weeks. I am very much looking forward to it and I hope college will be a good experience. I'll probably start packing up soon and doing some last minute (unfortunately) shopping.  All I need is just toiletries and some stuff for the compuer (i.e. an ethernet cord, flash drives). 

Thank god for the guy who invented facebook. It's good getting to know some people through the internet. But at the same time I really want to know what they're like in real life because sometimes people try to look badass online when in real life they're really not. I have a hunch that some guys are hitting on me....I hope not. I don't really want to date in college and less if they're in the same college as me. I'll have guy friends but I don't want a boyfriend at this stage in life. 

Today I went bike riding again. The problem this time is it began to rain a bit and I thought 'Oh, no problem!' and all of sudden it started to rain harder. And I ended up coming home soaking wet. Good thing is that I'm not sick and I hope I don't get sick. I personally think I have a strong immune system, so yay for that! 

Well, that's all I have for today.